Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Warm my hands, where's my key and fibres.

1. A cup of tea makes the chilly morning wait for my lift more bearable.

2. Housemates who notice when I forget my key and make sensible arrangements.

3.A thread card loaded with DMC stranded cotton, ready for me to start a new cross stitch.


  1. Ilove the promise of a new cross stitch never get over that excitement

  2. I was driving along the other day, quite early, it must have been saturday, and two runners passed each other on the pavement. He turns around and takes a good look at her arse. It made me giggle. It was a good start to the weekend, plus reassuring to know that men are indeed that predictable. *:)

    Another BT from today -
    Usual getting off the train conversation:
    Me (in the window seat): Excuse me.
    Him (male commuter in aisle seat): -hurrumph-
    Me (clambering out): Thank you
    Him: -shakes out newspaper again tersely-

    Tonight -
    Me (window seat): Excuse me.
    Him: Of course.
    Me: Thank you.
    Him: You're welcome.

    I nearly fell down the gap in shock.

  3. Some time in the feature the cross stitch can be a beautiful thing.


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