Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quietly, squirmer and gaggle of girls.

1. Holding the very placid baby Daniel while his mother cuddled her other baby, my giggly goddaughter Ellie.

2. Holding the feisty and wriggly Rory and watching him suck on his bottle.

3. At the top of the hill is a bench. There are three teenage girls sitting on it, and two sitting in front of it. They are surrounded by bottles and bags. 'So we're gonna meet them there. They're not going to the meal.'
'Can we skip the meal too?'
'Yeah, let's.'
'Can we eat something cheap?'


  1. Surrounded by babies - oh, getting ideas?

  2. I doubt it - for 'feisty' you can read 'screaming devil child'. Enough to put any right minded person off the entire idea. Unforts female hormones come into the equation.... Hey ho.


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