Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cat and mouse, corrections and crimson pig.

1. Our new satellite card provides hour-long Tom and Jerry specials. I particularly enjoyed a surreal episode about a cartoon kit including 'one mean pussycat and a loveable little mouse'. And the episode in which Tom tries to design a better mousetrap. He is foiled when the blue print mouse warns Jerry about the plan and together they sabotage it.

2. Having Nick take dictated corrections to my manuscript while I lie in the bath.

3. Porco Rosso's lair -- it is a beach surrounded by high cliffs and apparently only accessable through a sea arch. On the beach is a chair and table shaded by an umbrella; a radio; a telephone; and a tent. His red seaplane is moored to a pontoon made from planks and floating barrels.


  1. Hi! I think this blog is a wonderful idea!
    I'm from switzerland and i'm writing an happy-birthday-blog for a friend ..
    I'm writing down thoughts, favourite music and so one and I will give him u.a. nice blog-links like yours, from people all over the world. I hope it is ok?!? And it will be very very nice if you could send him birthday - greetings at 01. October 2007 by an comment...could you? Thank you very much!

    My three things for today:
    1. I waked up from a dream because of my loughing
    2. Breakfast with my boyfrind an a view over a beautiful see
    3. floor heating at home

    Bye & take care

  2. Porco Rosso! I haven't seen that one in ages. Beautiful animation, but that's Studio Ghibli for you.

    Dictating from the bath... how decadent. I can imagine how your voice would resonate around the room.

  3. Happy birthday to Marion's friend in Switzerland, I wonder if it is one of the marvellour mountainous areas?


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