Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guru, coffee and food.

1. Here's a presentation given by Erin McKean. Watching it made me remember what a beautiful thing she is.
1a. Erin's dress. Reading Erin's Dress A Day made clothes a pleasure for me. Her philosophy made me brave enough to buy, accessorise and wear dresses.
1b. The idea of letting the writers, rather than dictionary editors, decide what words can be used.

2. Meeting my mother for coffee.

3. I think I'm not hungry, but when the food comes, I am.

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  1. So I clicked on the link and it was this woman talking about "dictionaries".

    Boooorrrring! I thought... but I couldn't stop watching. What a great and fascinating speaker; very thought provoking ("love makes a word real").

    I can't agree with everything she said - surely there has to be some filter to keep total gibberish out of the dictionary?

    In the same way that Wikipeadia is NOT a reliable research tool (even though I use it all the time) because everyone and anyone can submit information, surely a 'universal' dictionary would be just as flawed?

    Thank you Clare for sharing this and broadening my horizons!


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