Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bark bark bark bark, dropping in and arrrgh.

1. In the middle of no-where we meet an old lady with a sheltie coming out of the woods. He comes towards us barking, and she assures us above the racket: 'He's all shout and no bite.' I say: 'Hallo, noisy dog,' which the lady seems to find funny. She continues out of the woods addressing him as 'noisy dog.'

2. As we come back to civilisation, Nick says: 'Shall we drop in on my parents?' I am not sure, as we are covered muddy to our eyebrows; but he thinks it'll be all right. They're watching a Norman Wisdom film about a disgruntled milkman, and are pleased to see us and our boots. A comfortable chair, a cup of tea and a biscuit in a warm room are very welcome.

3. One of the few TV stations that we are able to get is the National Geographic channel. It's showing a documentary about pirates and the marine archaeologists who have spent the last 23 years poking around a wrecked pirate ship.