Friday, January 18, 2008

Sink, ticks and good neighbours.

1. When making muffins, the paper cases sit on top of the bun tin. But when I drop the mixture into them, they sink down into their wells.

2. A ticking kitchen timer hanging round my neck.

3. I go downstairs to let Nick in and find that our neighbours happened to be coming home. Not content with welcoming my guests, they ask if I want a TV. I decline, regretfully. Then they offer me some bottles of wine -- a delivery mistake, apparently, which I am delighted to accept.


  1. mmmmm - warm muffins with lots of butter. Thanks for the morning tastes.

  2. When they were little, my boys used to sit in front of the oven watching the muffins rise through the glass window as if it were a TV show.

    I'd kind of forgotten about that so thank you.


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