Friday, January 04, 2008

Moving air, smash and acquatic ape.

The Bloggies are running again -- I'd be very glad to have your votes, as raising the profile of 3BT could help my book sales for next Christmas. And where readers are concerned, I've always thought 'the more the merrier.' You can put a blog in more than one category -- if you wanted to be strategic about it, Best European and Best Writing would be good places to put 3BT.

1. It snows and I can stop work to look at it. I like it because the movements of the air are revealed.

2. Jules says he 'could stand here doing this all day' -- he means dropping bottles into a bottle bank and hearing them break.

3. I haven't swum in ages -- I always forget how much I like being in the water and how warm and relaxed I feel afterwards.