Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jammy, mulberries and fireworks.

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2008 bring you all sorts of beautiful things.

1. Linzer biscuits -- posh, large jammie dodgers -- on display in a coffee shop; and getting the last piece of free sample that still had some jam on it.

2. Discovering that Tesco sells a dried fruit mix containing white mulberries. I had these back in 2001 when I was in the dried fruit capital of the universe, the Hunza Valley, Pakistan, and I fell in love, despite their maggotty appearance.

3. Opening the windows and watching other people's fireworks across the valley.


  1. Happy New Year, Clare. I used to buy Hunza apricots from Holland and Barrett but they don't seem to have them any more. The people in the Hunza Valley apparently live to a great age, and I used to imagine that the apricots had something to do with it. Perhaps they white mulberries have the same effect.

  2. Happy New Year Clare. I opened the windows too and see the valley, in the north of Spain. It was a nice night. The best thing to start the new year.

    I wish you to have a lot of beautiful things this year.

  3. Happy New Year Clare and thanks for the pleasurable moments you have given me throughout 2007 reading 3BT. Good luck with the book!


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