Friday, January 04, 2008

Order of service, to my lappie and a good book.

Regular readers will be familiar with my old colleague Oli. He has put some of his songs up on the music site Amie Street under the name Sir Topaz -- go and have a listen. Sorry to drop two requests on you in two days; but in this case, the price of the songs go up the more people that buy, so I guess it's better to get in there early!

1. Making Nick get dressed first so I quarter of an hour to spread myself over the whole bed and roll myself up in the covers.

2. My poor laptop is struggling now, and no amound of defragging and virtual memory adjusting seem to help. It is going to be replaced with a cheaper, faster, more reliable desktop computer very soon. It is still beautiful, however, and I'm going to miss it, particularly being able to shut it when I've finished work, showing its neat midnight blue lid; being able to pick it up and take it anywhere. It would appear I got in February 2005, so it hasn't done too badly.

3. Spreading myself over the sofa to read The Ladies of Grace Adieu. It's a cross between Jane Austen and a book of English folk tales, and is a sequel of sorts to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.