Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ceci mon chapeau, misery and clear-out.

1. I go to rescue my hat, which I left in the classroom last night. I like lost property conversations like: 'Has a hat been handed in?' 'Is it from FatFace?' 'Yes'.

2. I listen to the Litopia podcast and they are rude about misery memoirs. They invent their own titles, including Mummy Took My Fingers and Daddy is Mummy's Mummy and I Was an Accident. Mine would be: A Child Called Clare-Robert-Rose-Little-Whatsyername.

3. In search of my art things, I clear three crates of junk into one crate of stuff I want and need.


  1. 4. Cold heads from walking home in the rain without a hat, and warming it by a nice fire.

  2. That kind of by-the-way clearing out when you're looking for something else is always satisfying.


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