Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In the mud, rats and Jane Austen.

1. A large puddle in a huge field. A very small person stands in the mud at the edge guarded by a large German shepherd dog. The father returns from the dog bin and carefully lifts the small person out of the mud, twisting them slightly so their boots don't get left behind.

2. We stand on a bridge over the stream connecting the duckpond with the lake and watch rats appearing and disappearing along runways in the grass and tunnels in the bank.

3. Katie gets in at 9pm while I am deep in a book and says that there is a new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility about to start; and that it has an exciting woodchopping scene that rivals Mr Darcy-climbing-out-of-the-lake-in-his-wet-shirt. My book falls forgotten down the side of my bed.