Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn comes, off the line and chore.

1. Things have changed. In low places, there is a fresh, damp smell that makes me think of earth and mushrooms.

2. Washing coming in off the line smells of fresh air and sunlight.

3. We work briskly because we want to enjoy the last hours of our evening. Turn the mattress, lay the sheet drum tight and take a pillow each. We hunt for the corners of the duvet, shake it out and race the buttons to meet each other in the middle.


  1. Simply the best - no one else quite captures, in such a few poetic words, the essence and beauty of daily life. Once again you bring a smile to my face.

    Here’s a link to bring a smile to your face - It’s Otters holding hands - beautiful

    Deepest Thanks,

  2. I can small those smells as I sit here!

  3. the description making the bed is just perfect

    thank you

  4. I am astonished by the beauty of your writing. Thank you.


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