Monday, September 01, 2008

Flag day, a good pair of hands and nutrition.

1. Nick's mother confides that she put out a little flag the day their junkie neighbour moved out. 'I was just putting it out and I saw her looking out of the upstairs window.'

2. I set Nick to wrapping china and I know that it's in safe hands.

3. I am very hungry and the pan of pasta is very large.


  1. I return from a two week hiatus and find "petanque" here to google for a clue, since I am clueless.

    As is my habit, I spy a particularly poetic line in your prose, "Silently, not bothering anyone, a mushroom has pushed its scaled cap out of the soil under a fir tree by a busy stretch of pavement."

    And the line that romances the imagination, "We sit in our new bath catching up and drinking fizz until even with all the candles, it is too dark to see each other."

    Thank you for sharing a look at these jewels.

  2. 1. the cicadas are singing a lullaby

    2. the cat naps on a throw

    3. the storm is far away in Louisiana (and Texas)


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