Monday, September 29, 2008

Tea, past the window and warmth.

1. A cup of sweet tea in the morning.

2. Seeing a visitor walk past the window on their way to to our front door.

3. My feet are cold to the core when I come to bed after some late computer work. Nick is already settled and radiates heat.


  1. Sorry to hear your feet were so cold, I have a pair of old woollen leg warmers from many moons ago that I keep draped over the lower back of my computer chair.It took me a while to work out that it was the fan system it the back of the "tower" that was making my feet so cold .

  2. Mmm tea.... Oh no, tea! I haven't got any boo hoo. It's ok though, I know where to get Tetley from in Spain, it's ok, no need to panic...

    Adam (AKA Treegod)

  3. I can hear Nick's post: 'cold feet in the back when I'm all nice and warm in bed'. In SD I was always cold, my wife got me electric socks, but I found a small heating pad on the floor to put my feet on worked better.


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