Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back to bed, first lesson and window.

1. I write some beautiful things in the cold electric light, and then go back to bed where it is warm and dark.

2. At the crossing a mother waits with a tiny girl, nappy bulging under her leggings, who wears a large backpack.

3. The road follows the line of the hill, and all the houses have names like Long View and Outlook. Through an open porch door there is a window. The sky beyond squeezes round its red and blue glass centrepiece.


  1. I love sundays in Winter. When I can get up, have a coffe and then back to bed.

    Kiss from Spain (!)

  2. Love the contrast between the cold electric light and warm bed.
    So thoroughly enjoy reading your three beautiful things. So captivating!

  3. 3 is fine and original account and evokes something real and recognisable. I'm glad to see the beautiful things are in such good form. I miss seeing you sailing across the Grove.


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