Friday, September 12, 2008

Gourds, story and dinner.

1. Jane brings heavy shopping bags to work and leaves them on the surplus produce desk. 'What have you got, what have you got?' Inside the bags are heavy pieces of yellow pumpkin, slices of harvest moon.

2. Listening to reporters on the phone and trying to guess what the story is.

3. Nick comes home and we cook dinner together.


  1. I am loving your three beautiful things. Something to look forward to every day! Now, to find my own three things...

  2. Hello from Australia, I saw your site mentioned in a book called "enough" and decided to see what simple things could make you happy.
    Some years ago I was quite depressed and came through it by writing 3 things to be grateful for, every night before sleep, after a few months my whole attitude was more positive. Thank you for your little gems.

  3. yes cooking with soemone is a beautiful thing!


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