Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gingerbread, bundle and man about the house.

1. I buy a gingerbread man and bite his head off. He's delicious from his smartie buttons to his chocolate shoes.

2. In Tim's game, Clodius hits a giant crab with the group's only lantern. The players cry 'Nooo' and I can only reply: 'I'm sorry. Clodius is stupid. And surprised. It's what he would do.' The pay-off is that I roll 19 to split the beast's shell and set it on fire.

3. Returning home after a long day away, Nick proudly shows off the shelf brackets, the strong smell of glue, a new squeegee mop and the plastic sieve he has bought to stand over the sink to contain our green waste before it goes out to the bin.


  1. Once again, thank you for helping to make the game as brilliant as it was. It wouldn't be the same without Clodius' wild and impulsive nature :-D

  2. Or my ability to flip crabs!

  3. Iused to love gingerbread cake sk

  4. Long time reader here, lurking in the shadows. Yesterday I wrote a poem based on the 3BT idea and posted it on my blog this morning. (with a link to you, of course.)


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