Sunday, September 14, 2008

One, two and three.

1. After one coat of paint the wall is no longer the colour of a ceiling that has sheltered a heavy smoker for 20 years.

2. After two coats of paint, the holes Nick repaired last night are no longer visible.

3. After three coats of paint, and a careful clean-up including a long time spent on the carpet with a stanley knife, the walls are bright and clean. We are satisfied and ready for the new bookshelves.


  1. Refreshing! Positive vibes and happiness to you and your newly painted home!

  2. I wish I loved to paint because oh I love the

  3. pretty good - three coats! well done! my house also sheltered a smoker, but as it was vacant for a year, I couldn't smell anything. Boy, when I came to clean the ceilings, did I know there'd been a smoker here. It's almost impossible to scrub the sticky tar off the ceiling. The first time I tried, I skinned my hands and wrists with the neat chemicals and scourer.
    So... can I inquire - how much of the goop did you get off before you slapped the paint on?

    great idea for the blog. someone suggested I write three things I was grateful for each day. I kept up that habit for a while. Was even gonna start a blog... but I didn't. Must start keeping that list again.
    Best wishes

  4. Jean -- we painted it white.

    Jenny -- I didn't mean there actually was a smoker. We were painting over that tobacco-stain colour, so I'm sorry, I can't advise.


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