Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red-green, here she is and paid for.

I'm very proud today because I'm in a real lit'ry magazine, complete with sound file of me reading it -- check me out on qarrtsiluni.

1. In my lunch box, pieces of deep red tomato and emerald coriander. Katie says that for a moment she thought I was eating handfuls of sweets.

2. In the middle of tea, at 5.25pm, I tell Caroline about the lady who was supposed to come at five and pick up some boxes. 'I wonder where she is?' And the doorbell rings.

3. I am planning to whisk Nick off for a weekend away, and I am offered some editing work, which should pretty much cover the costs.


  1. So lovely to hear your voice - something definitely missing in the blogosphere, eh? Congratulations on being published. I wish you much success and "print."

    Blessed be! Life is good.

  2. When I read your posts I "heard" a voice similar to one used by one of the Monty Python boys. Your true voice is much more elegant - and beautiful.


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