Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting out of here, windmill and copper mine.

1. We strike out up the road, independent with a rucksack, lunch, map and water.

2. We stand under a wind turbine and hearing its whomph-hiss, whomph-hiss. I feel very small and vulnerable.

3. The copper mine is like a filthy fingerprint on the green land. Standing in the dead land (filthy ponds in the middle of the sliced off mountain top) we can see in all directions green fields between the slag heaps.

4. A slice of gooey chocolate cake. Its butter icing is gritty with sugar.


  1. I love #2. That image of you under it, hearing that. It's almost like a heart beat or a breathing of something huge!

  2. Clare- I think that your titles are as intriguing as your descriptions. I sometimes cannot wait to read what you wrote becuase these are but a peek into the thing. So very stimulating and makes me want to rush out into the world and embrace every little detail! Thank you again, for sharing a bit of yourself and making us all smile a bit more. Enjoy the day! Erin


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