Friday, April 03, 2009

On track, bricks and justification.

1. Hearing the voices of men working on the railway embankment above me.

2. Tipping packets on Lego on to the table and counting out the pieces I need.

3. He wonders why I am still awake. I tell him that the red shoes were expensive for these uncertain times; that I think I should have got the cheap pair. 'But,' he says, 'they will last, I think they look lovely and you'll wear them again and again.'


  1. Have he shoes. They will be an investment in the feel good market.

  2. That was a lovely thing that he said. It shows his love.

  3. I think the feel-good market needs all the investment it can get! I shall try hard to prop it up.

  4. A man who understands the value of a fabulous red pair of shoes? That? Is beautiful!

    Love it!
    Enjoy the day, Claire!

  5. oh, number three tugs at my heart!


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