Monday, April 06, 2009

My space, relative value and resources.

1. I like to get up first and write in my diary while the house is still and quiet.

2. My aunt comes to pick up a computer and drop off some books. It's good to have her to myself for an hour or so. She was the last person in our family to get married; and she's been volunteering at the Oxford Book Festival.

3. I still have a lot of work to do -- but I also have a Nick who can cook supper (I sometimes forget this).


  1. I'd love to be able to get up earlier than the rest of my family and write, but I'm not a morning person and my daughter tends to get up between 6am and 7am,and I'msure if I got up any earlier than that she'd be hot on my tail downstairs demanding breakfast!

    I've been writing a personal journal since 31st Dec 08 and I intend to do it for a year, then read back through the year and see what happened!! I think writing a journal is helping me with my writing generally. But it's also helping me to work through all sorts of things. I find writing things in my journal and getting stuff off of my chest is very therapeutic.

  2. It's quite a big deal finding the time and the space to write, isn't it. But the alternative (not writing) is too horrible to contemplate: that's what gets me out of bed most mornings!

    I'm quite partial to an hour or so very late at night after Nick is asleep, too. But obviously not when I have to get up the next day...

  3. When I lived overseas,I wrote a weekly letter to my family. I asked them to keep every letter over the two years - I just talked about my experiences, thoughts, travels, people. I find great pleasure in reading all about this forgotten life 30 years on. My family also had the pleasure all those years ago, and it made me write!

  4. I love that quiet time in the morning, before anyone else is awake. It's so still and it feels like anything is possible that day, as if the day has yet to reveal it's secrets.


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