Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going goth, ooh sparkly and Tiny Tin Lady.

1. I like WoodburyPark Cemetery because on a bright blue sky day with a stiff breeze, it is restful to take some thoughts for a walk under the yew trees' light and shadows.

2. Katie-who-I-used-to-live-with shows me her engagement ring. I'm so glad to have her along on the bridal ride -- ever since school, I've always felt a lot better having her around at important milestones.

3. Tiny Tin Lady* came to Tunbridge Wells. Katie and I go down to The Forum to hear their girly folk music that manages to be both sweet and splendidly earthy at the same time. We loved the closing song -- which was inspired by a keg of beer and a rhyming dictionary. I think one reason I like them so much (apart from their magical harmonies) is that I'm aiming for that same spot between beautiful and not saccharine. It must be a very fine line for a bunch of very young women playing a genre mostly associated with beardy men.

* I first heard them back in August 2004, and I can't BELIEVE I didn't write about them then -- the lead singer was only about 13, and she was so overwhelmed by the Cropredy love that she cried; and I was smitten.

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  1. The cemetery is a lovely place - I used to go blackberry picking there growing up, and the Friends... organise bug hunts there now which my kids love. It always gives me the impression that it's much, much larger than it really is when you walk in.


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