Sunday, April 05, 2009

On their way, the festival and secrets.

1. On their way to a wedding: he holds the umbrella above them; she holds the hem of her graphite blue dress out of the dust.

2. At the chocolate festival we move from stall to stall gobbling up free samples and filling up our shopping bag.

3. She is so proud of her new flat and tells us its secrets (there's a door behind here).


  1. I'm officially addicted to your blog & simply must read it each day off my 'reader'. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments.

  2. You are so right, I am proud of my new flat. I realised after you left that I forgot to tell you that my bed is in the space where my grandfather, his parents and his two sisters used to sleep during the blitz, as it is half underground with 3 floors above.

    Thank you for coming to dinner. It was lovely to see you both.

  3. Pomp and tradition, luscious indulgence, and always a little mystery to keep life interesting. You capture the essences Clare.


  4. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments and kind words.

    Crystal-Angel -- we had a lovely evening; and I covet your flat, and your magical piece of selenite!

  5. I love #1 - there is such symmetry to that image - it's sort of like an hour glass, the umbrella and the skirt, each a little lifted. Love it!


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