Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's time, coming through and all the good things.

1. The giant hornbeam tree that shades the street says -- and the saplings in the hedge agree -- that it's time to start putting out pleated leaves.

2. The whole two miles home is out of the sun -- except where a street heading west lets the red-gold light through to warm the baptist chapel.

3. A parcel comes, a book which one of you readers thinks I would like. It's about affirmations, and it reminds me (as do all your comments, and the growing list of followers) of all the good things I get from writing three beautiful things each day.


  1. I particularly love the fresh green of the new growth you see on fir trees at this time of year. I grew up with a giant Christmas tree in my front garden, so to me the new growth says 'Summer is almost here'.

  2. Alas, Spring in Canada can't even seem to get STARTED!! It snowed both yesterday and the day previous. Fortunately crocus, etc are hardy little beauties.


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