Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hot, tulips and out.

1. As the plumbers are leaving, one of them asks: "Do you want your water that hot?"
"Dear God, no!" I gasp. I cannot tell you how tired I am of washing my hands in cold water because the hot is too hot. I had assumed that it was a quirk of the system, something we had to live with.
"We can turn it down. We thought you wanted it like that."
And before I know it they are back up in the loft and asking me to test the temperature from the kitchen tap.

2. For last spring I planted tulips in pots. I expected them to come up blind this year, but now I look down into the unfurling leaves, I can see flower buds.

3. The Mother says she and Alec will just pop down to the chemists on the corner. They are gone a whole, blissful hour, and I get so much done.

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  1. I'm seeing buds on our tulips at last too.We have lots of daffodils and I love the yellow but I also like the vibrancy of tulips. I love the Spring!


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