Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleeping through, mourning and clipped.

1. Another wretched night, but Alec slept from 8.30pm to 2am, so he's acquiring his skills. I recently read that infant sleep studies define 'through the night' as five hours.

2. After the funeral we feel as if a weight has been lifted from our hearts. The service celebrated his talents but acknowledged all the sadnesses. It gave us space to feel what we were feeling.

2b. The postman brings a postcard.... from Antarctica, with an British Antarctic Territory stamp on it. Rosey has doctored the caption, adding a U so it reads "AUNTARCTICA".

3. Nick brings home a neatly clipped Alec. He looks very smart and, though he has shorter hair, a little more grown-up. They also took a walk on the common, and Alec met some old English sheep dogs.


  1. Sorry about your loss, Clare and Nick and family. You've been discreet about it but I hope it was no more shocking and painful than it had to be.

  2. I know you will treasure Stephen's ceramic bowl as I treasure my little jug and toast rack that my friend of 30 years left me. I send you love across the miles.

  3. Thanks, your love and thoughts are very much appreciated. I didn't know Stephen that well, but of course I'm sad to see people I love in mourning.


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