Friday, March 16, 2012

Show me, tell me and sitting down.

1. Last night Alec pulled out one of my childcare books and examined the pictures of feeding babies with some interest and a fair bit of delight. I thought he might like to look at some others, so we sit and check out some relevant boards on Pinterest. "Dad-dad," says Alec.
"Where? Show me."
He takes my hand, and puts it on a picture of breastfeeding expert Dr Jack Newman. I add it to our growing collection.

2. I'm cooking lunch, and Alec is having his usual 11.45 grump. At a suitable break, I tell him we can have a cuddle now. He pulls out a kitchen chair for me to sit down and says: "Bub-bub."

3. "We will be sitting down by 8.30 at this rate," I tell Nick. And sure enough, we are -- and better still, we're in bed by 9.45.

(Sorry for so many Alec beautiful things -- I'm just blown away by the communicating. I can't get over the way he's changed from this angry, shouting little thing who didn't like anything to a person who knows what he wants and can ask for it.)


  1. Oh, I remember those days when my son was learning to talk. It's amazing how much babies and toddlers learn in such a few years. They're geniuses compared to us. But hang on to your hat, Clare, by 3 or 4 years old they can talk your ears off.

  2. I love those splendid daily observations of life with a child!
    . . . and I applaud your plumbers for turning down the hot water, much safer for you all.

  3. That Pinterest board is a hoot! Bo Xilai is the most deeply puzzling...

  4. :-) If I could understand him, he would be talking my ears off already!

    Thanks Mary, I'm glad you enjoy it.

    Lucy, baffling, isn't it! He has sheets from the FT under his high chair, and will often look down and comment on the pictures. We did a double check by getting pictures of the buro up on Google Images and he specifically picked out Bo Xilai.

  5. Isn't it wonderful how babies develop language. We are getting equal delight from our Granchildren. Don't apologise for 3 Alex things - he is a beautiful little person growing up.

  6. That is indeed quite remarkable (and I am rather impressed by a baby who reads the FT at mealtimes too), and just goes to show that, to a discerning eye, not all members of the Chinese politburo look the same...


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