Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pride, in the park and scraping the barrel.

1. We go along to a toddler group and I nearly burst with pride when Alec sits patiently in a chair at snack time and waits politely for his biscuit, and then nibbles it delicately until it is all gone.

2. To come across Kirsteen and her little boy in the park. We stop for a chat and share our cake. Alec and I have been rubbing each other up the wrong way today, so we really value the chance to be together but not in each others' face. I think he likes the chance to wander around with me not watching is every move because I'm concentrating on chatting. And I like the opportunity to not watch his every move.

3. Alec is in the bath (which I've lovingly laced with a posh cold remedy for his stuffy nose). We are playing 'Which hand is it in' with a milk bottle top. It's tremendous fun -- until Alec hands me a poo.


  1. Number three made me laugh - so classic...but it isn't funny until much later, much later :) I pretty sure every kid does this at one point in time or another :)

  2. He looked so serious as he did it that I laughed immediately. We've become immune to the horror of poo (at least Alec's, anyway).

  3. Haha, that's funny -- and definitely an anecdote to remember to embarrass him as a teenager :)

  4. I love your stories of Alec! They remind me so much of my four when they were little.


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