Monday, April 08, 2013

Clear ears, run for it and getting better.

1. Every morning I've been waking up with a blocked up ear. That moment when it, quite suddenly and without my doing anything much, clears itself.

2. I tell PaulV about the running game Zombies, Run! (you get zombie related narrative to encourage you to run, and accumulate equipment towards long term objectives to keep you coming back for more). He looks it up and says "It's made me look forward to my run tonight."

3. I think my cold is leaving: when Nick brings the washing in I can smell that lovely clothes-aired-in-the-garden scent.


  1. Wow that zombie run app is going around! After a friend told me about it I downloaded it (the C25K type version) on the weekend and I plan to take my first zombie run this afternoon.

    1. I discovered it because a (very literary) writer that I admire did some work on it and has been talking it up on Twitter. It also popped up on Atley Jonas' podcast, The Happy Road Ahead. I think it's a really exciting idea -- but I don't like the zombie genre at all, and I don't have the right sort of phone for it anyway.

      Can't wait to see other genres, though, and perhaps my next phone will be more useful in that direction.


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