Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Two toddlers, dirty hands and tag team.

1. "Swim to Clarey!" Katie tells Baby Loey (who is looking less and less like a baby every day). And suddenly I am holding two toddlers against my bump.

2. Alec's hands are filthy because he has been patting car wheels and running his fingers along the (closed today) miniature railway track and goodness knows what else. They are proper little boy hands.

2b. When I drop the contents of Alec's nappy into the loo he says: "Little poo gone to find mummy poo. Have some bubby."

3. We struggle to get Alec off to sleep. Nick and I tag team, hour by hour, all evening. One soothes Alec while the other cares for themself and the house. I have hardly spoken to Nick today, except to tell him about supper and Alec's needs. Just before 10pm I am showered and ready for bed and we swap over once more. The drowsy Alec and the warm place where Nick has been lying are like the cuddle I've been wanting all evening.