Friday, April 26, 2013

Train, in the garden and saying no.

1. I can hear Alec and Godfather Timothy in the front room playing with Alec's Bumpity Train (it's his scooter with his toddling cart full of bricks tied to the back as a tender full of coal). Alec is telling Tim to get into the carriage (the two little chairs) and Tim is saying that he is too big. I was confronted by the same request yesterday.

2. There is suddenly enough mint in the garden that I can pick some for the potatoes. Chives, too.

3. "They didn't do that blowing in your eye thing did they? I hate that more than anything," says a horrified Nick when I tell him about my eye test (they'd used a puffing thing to test the pressure of the fluid in my eyeballs). He continues anxiously, "I thought they'd got a new machine so they didn't have to do that any more."
I say "Next time just say no. You don't have to let them do anything you don't want."


  1. But you want to keep healthy and tested?

    1. It's a test for (mainly) glaucoma, and it's unlikely that Nick has that just now, so I think it's not unacceptable to pass by a test that makes him very uncomfortable.

  2. I hate that bit too - and some optomertrists now have a powerful scanning machine, rendering the old reading charts etc useless so perhaps (hopefully) they may phase out the uncomfortable bits.


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