Thursday, April 04, 2013

Covering, affection and future baths.

1. A wonderful aunt who is prepared to cover for my mother who has to attend Rosey's graduation up north right in the middle of my birth window.

2. The way Alec sits up straight on the sofa beside me. He doesn't want to cuddle up or sit on my knee, but he does want to be right next to me. Later, after his nap, he waits on the landing for me to come up the stairs. When my head is level with his head he reaches through the bannisters and hugs me.

3. A call from Anna to say that she is in Lush, Covent Garden and would like to buy a present for her "gorgeous pregnant friend", what would I like? A few hours later there's a tap at the door and when I go down a mysterious someone has left a bag on the step and run away.