Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Settle down, staying here and cleaning silver.

1. He won't tell me what's wrong -- I don't think he knows himself. He's just not happy, lying there thrashing and making the uh-uh-uh noise that our code for "I want something". I do all the things I need to do to be comfortable myself and then we sit together in the dark before dawn. I distract him until he is calm, and then I hold him until he is quiet. Eventually all the kick and the discontent goes out of him and I can roll his sleeping body on to the bed beside me and try to get some sleep myself.

2. I wake to Nick saying that he is working from home today.
"You're not well and he's not well. I'm staying here."
Later, during one of his breaks, I clear the diary and feel very relieved.

3. The magic of cleaning silver by putting it in a bath of salty water with a piece of aluminium foil.