Tuesday, April 02, 2013

New face, daze and looked after.

1. I think at first that all the introductions are a joke, because we haven't been together for so long -- but when I get into the kitchen properly I realise that there actually is a new person here. My brother has brought a girlfriend home for the first time ever.

2. My mother wandering round the house in a daze because Rosey is doing all the cooking.

3. I've gone down with yet another stinking cold and I feel terrible. Nick really needs a break from wifing and fathering, though, so Alec and I go to Barn for the day. Everyone is so kind to us: we get driven there and back. Alec is whisked away for nappy changes and taken off my hands at lunchtime. From time to time he appears next to the sofa to tell me something or (on one occasion) to stuff a breadstick in my dozing mouth.

PS: Here are Janey's pictures of the day; and some of the incredible solar system mobile she has made for Little Tiny Baby.