Monday, April 01, 2013

Sharing, taking over and steampunk.

1. "Mummy, you 'av some," says Alec offering his Easter egg. Later in the day I give him a white chocolate bunny and send him upstairs to wake Nick from his afternoon nap. "I'm sure Daddy would like a bite."
A while later they come down again. "I've wiped the chocolate off him."
"And did he let you have some?"
"He did, a little tiny bite."

2. Nick takes over lunch -- having lamb, and he does very well by choosing to slow roast it. His potatoes are perfect, too. It's very relaxing being assistant cook, rather than being responsible.

3. I've been enjoying the steampunk podcast The Clockwork Cabaret while I work. I particularly appreciated being re-introduced to the pith-helmeted rapper Professor Elemental; and discovering the (steam)punk band The Men who will not be Blamed for Nothing.


  1. It's Tuesday, any Easter candy left? Did the bunny ears or butt go first?

    1. Ears first. There's loads of chocolate left, Joe. I'm feeling a bit daunted!

  2. Hooray for assistant cook! How do you get that gig? And on a major holiday!
    PS I have a friend who LOVES steampunk.

    1. I just said I was too tired to think about food this weekend, I think. Nick is very good at doing all the time-tabling for a roast anyway. He's a numbers man so I often get him to check my weight and time calculations before I proceed. Once you've done the time-table it's just a case of peeling potatoes, shoving things in the oven and setting timers.


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