Sunday, April 07, 2013

The sun comes out, escape plan and sitting out.

1. The thermometer has been hovering around 0C for the last... well it seems like about a year. Today we're up to 5C and it is warm enough to walk around the house without a jumper on. And the sun is out, bright enough to make you blink.

2. I persevere with the stories and some nursing, but it is clear that Alec is not going down for a nap this afternoon. I'm just trying to think of an impromptu activity (baking?) when Nick comes in "I'm too agitated to sleep," he says disconsolately. I am very glad to have the husbandly company. We go out for a stroll and have a snacky picnic tea in the park. We use a succession cocktail sausages to keep Alec walking in the right direction. It's very effective -- although probably not approved of by any parenting expert.

3. To sit in the sun and let the world happen all around me. Nick and Alec are off in the shrubbery, and down in the Italian garden and all over the place. I have become very passive and lazy as this pregnancy goes on: I'm not going to waste energy fighting it, though.