Friday, July 13, 2007

Cat on a bike, do no harm and shock.

1. Despite the drizzle, a tortoiseshell cat sits in her usual place on the saddle of a parked motorbike. The rain shines in her fur.

2. An adder enjoying the sun at the end of the field. I surprise her and she surprises me. I let out a squeak, and she hurries off into the bracken.

3. Since always, I've been afraid of touching electric fences. Today, I touch one by accident and find that it's not so bad -- it doesn't hurt. It's just a bump.


  1. Please, we don't want you fried. Be careful of fences.

  2. Hoopers department store have had a summer seaside theme window display up for a while, but I just noticed that in the sand and shells on the corner, someone has written 'I [heart] you' in the sand.


  3. Being a horsey sort of girl I'm almost immune to horse fencing, but I've never quite forgotten getting a wallop off the cattle fencing at Plumton College. Not recommended...


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