Monday, July 09, 2007

Riders, arch and good news.

1. The Tour de France goes through Tunbridge Wells. A moving wave of cheers follows the peloton, swelling as it gets closer to where we are standing. The cyclists pass in the space of about seven minutes. The rest of the day is a festival, with people picnicking where in the parks, listening to bands, watching plays, spilling out of pubs, trying circus skills and chatting to strangers. Pictures on Street Photography in Tunbridge Wells.

2. Nick and I take a short cut up a narrow alley. A little girl walks towards us intent on the line she is following. We raise our hands she she can walk under them.

3. Getting a text from Katie that says: 'I'm an aunt'; learning that both mother and nephew are safe; and a brief visit from the shocked but rejoicing father because he needs a shower and some dinner.


  1. Congrats on getting your Blog published=)=) I look forward to buying a copy

  2. Anonymous Bosch -- thank you!

  3. Researching and loving your Tunbridge wells, The tour photos superb..How will I get a copy of 3BT in US? . Keep me posted. What happened to Joe Blogs??Thank you Clare for embracing life in this special special way !!

  4. We didn't make it to Tunbridge Wells, getting only as far as Tonbridge! But we thought of you! Photo's on my blog today, link to youtube short vid of the riders, too. Pop by if you get a mo!!


  5. It must have been great seeing the Tour first hand. i only see it on the telly these days since I left France.


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