Sunday, July 01, 2007

Remember the horses, tiny soldiers and back in time.

1. Two white-haired men on the train discuss their memories of the horses at their school. 'I rode Twinkle.' 'Twinkle was the fat one... and then there were the two Welsh ponies.' They recall with some laughter one horse (whose name I don't catch) that would always throw his rider and 'arrive back half an hour before you did.'

2. We stop at a table of model soldiers carrying vivid banners. Each one has a different expression. I am told that these are the Russian soldiers -- craftsman-made and priced accordingly.

3. Nick watches Dr Who sitting cross-legged in front of the telly. I imagine that this is how he must have looked as a little boy -- same show, different Doctor.


  1. Dr. Who!! Growing up, my mother once said to me "if you were ever to disappear, I'd know you went off in the Tardis." Clever woman. She took me to meet Sylvester McCoy at a convention once. He's the same height as me, which I found rather comforting. He also mentioned having a comedy act in his past that involved dropping live ferrets down his trousers. I know what that feels like as I live with 4 of the furry heathens right now.

  2. Paging Kimono Hime, paging Kimono Hime. Please confirm that you do not have ferrets down your trousers!

    We almost met Sylvester McCoy when the Dr Who team was filming in a local abandoned railway tunnel. Unfortunately, our father took us to the wrong end -- nothing there but a black curtain and a whiff of cigarette smoke. Our neighbours, on the other hand, went to the other and got autographs, and sat on the Doctor's knee and met the Sylurians and all sorts.

  3. I must admit I often have ferrets down my trousers, but that's usually due to having my trousers on the bedroom floor and ferrets love to tunnel through the empty legs.

    I blame Tom Baker for my addiction to jelly babies. It wouldn't be so bad, but they are rather difficult to find in the US.


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