Monday, July 23, 2007

Prism, golden flower and kisses.

1. Having the time to watch rainbows from the crystal in my window dancing round the room.

2. An opulent costume drama. The Curse of the Golden Flower reminds me of Gormenghast with its secrets, endless corridors, clockwork rituals and poetically-named terraces. I loved the scale of it -- the picture often focused on one servant working and then pulled back to show the same task repeated over and over again.

3. A few kisses snatched in a darkened hallway.


  1. I'm quite envious as I have yet to see Curse Of The Golden Flower ... or meet Tom Baker!

  2. wouldn't it be more optimally ergonomically efficient if you combined all the small kisses in to one proper long snog ?

  3. I have a rainbow crystal in a dragon on a window, at a certain time of the morning it goes like magic through two rooms & comes out under a Canterbury whatnot in the hall

  4. I love that film.

  5. Flea -- perhaps you should try dating Nick :-)

    Tristan -- maybe, but possibly less aesthetically pleasing.

    Janey -- in my old flat, the rainbows used to appear in the dark of the kitchen. It's amazing the spaces they can wriggle into.

    Icarus -- isn't it incredible. I was completely absorbed.

  6. Clare - that's just way too disturbing! And anyway, I'm a married man ... :-)


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