Sunday, July 29, 2007

A story, boudoir bras and bats.

1. On a street corner Katie spots a Champagne bottle, three full plastic cups and three red roses. Our thoughts were: 'God bless Tunbridge Wells for its civilised drinking debris'; and 'There has got to be a story there.'

2. Going underwear shopping and discovering the concept of the boudoir bra. This is a piece of underwear deliberately not intended to brace, scaffold and restrain. Katie and I like Aphrodisia.

3. I meet Nick's parents for the first time and they show us the squirrels scuttering along the top of the board fence down the side of the house; and tell us about the bats that fell out of their roof and had to be rescued by the Bat Conservation Trust.


  1. Oh, Clare, please, pointing us at Aphrodisia for my early morning perusal? Oh (thanks)

  2. Sorry, should have phrased it correctly:

    4. Interesting web sites with links to things they are discussing, providing for a much broader range of imagining.


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