Saturday, July 21, 2007

Singalong, a soaking and snuggle bugs.

1. We pass a lady singing along to her iPod. It makes us smile, and she smiles too, and says 'Good morning!'.

2. Mr Cock-up pays a visit, is invited in and offered a cup of tea -- I went out last night without a raincoat and wearing unsuitable shoes. In the morning I walk home through rain so heavy that my underwear is wet before I reach the High Street. I pass Katie on her way to the station. She looks at my soaked skirt, dripping jacket and shoes through which water is flowing and says: 'You're not going to work like that, are you?' On reaching the front door I discover that I don't have any keys. So I ring Katie, who wonders if I can make it to the station before her train leaves in five minutes...

2a. The chance to say 'In these shoes? I don't think so.'

2b. The kindness of station masters who are willing to hang on to sets of keys for wayward housemates.

2c. The pleasure of putting on a set of dry clothes after being soaked to the skin. I spend the rest of the morning enjoying this.

3. The normally impeccably turned-out Ellie describes how after a rain-soaked fun-run, she and her mother put on 'all our fleeces and hooded tops and I got a duvet down and we sat on the sofa with cups of tea and our hair all curly because it had got wet.'


  1. who is Mr. Cock up ??- That station master key gratuity is phenomenal. I want to move there !!!

  2. I needed three good things today. Didn't matter that they were borrowed images from you. Thank you for being here!

  3. Your blog reminds me of my mother--English war bride from Caldecote, her world view was so like yours. She saw the good in everyone and everything. I miss her daily, but reading your blog is like seeing the world through her eyes again. Thank you.

  4. Granny Sue -- thanks for the lovely comment, and I'm glad you like 3BT.

  5. Honey -- I'm very touched that in a small way I can be of use.

    Sandy -- It's a quote from Blackadder:

  6. oh I remember now. I was thinking at first you were referring to some kind of bird .ahahhadense am mi ho ho . Black adder terrific s

  7. Clare, I thought you'd enjoy this blog from my homeland:

    Yours out of the blue,


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