Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Papers, beans and daydreams.

1. I take a proofread chapter down to John and he tells me to add it to the pile at his feet. It is satisfying to see the heap of blue-tabbed pages growing.

2. Finding two beans on the runner bean vine that is draped over our satellite dish.

3. Katie says she thinks about Jules on the train, and Nick says he thinks about me on his commute. I imagine daydreams about lovers bobbing about the carriages like balloons on strings, expanding and nudging each other as the train gets into London. When the doors are opened, they jostle out and escape over the city. Katie adds: 'It's better than being grumpy.'


  1. I've been watching those beans. They are far ahead of mine, which are not yet in flower.

  2. Nick? Looking forward to a full explanation of that one.

    4. Just thinking of somebody because they pop into your head.

  3. I hope you know my vision of lovers has just changed, it was rather sensual but dull before.thanks

  4. i LOVE your balloons! how beautiful!

  5. I love the way your fanciful mind works.Balloons!


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