Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eavesdropping, look and fresh air.

1. Swallows' nests made of bobbly mud under the eaves, and the twittering of the babies.

2. During yoga, I open my eyes and spot a classmate silently pointing out the sunset to the woman next to him.

3. For the second time this year, it is warm enough to sleep with the window open.


  1. I've got swallows under the eaves of my house and your post made me smile because I really enjoy watching them. Just recently moved to a house in the country and am enjoying all the birds and other wild creatures that we see. That's a beautiful thing!

  2. WOW! Here it is not cool enough to sleep with the window open!

  3. What do you mean for the second time this year? It's been too boiling to sleep without the window open in t.wells for months!

  4. Looking up the escalator and spotting superman ahead - his cape billowing in the wind tunnel created from the tube......then looking further ahead and spotting that he is standing next to batman!

    My husband asks me later that evening what they were doing on the tube - fighting for good on the streets on London I reply.

  5. Hi, Clare!!!

    You've got a Creative Blogger Award for your original 3BT concept.

    Here's the link:

  6. WOW..nice blog...and congrats on the award!


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