Monday, July 30, 2007

Blue, tick and time out.

Here, at long last, is a picture of the wonderful 3BT birthday cake made by my talented aunt. Go here for a more explainy version.

In other news, Lauren B has been hard at work inspired by 3BT -- see All the Good Blog Names Were Taken for more. Isn't it fun?

1. At lunch, as is customary on hot days, there is a small group of men sitting the gravelled car park discussing important man things like table tennis tactics. I spot a piece of ancient broken blue china on the ground, pick it up and put it on the table. Then I see a larger piece of Willow Pattern in the hedge. Next time I look up, more people are searching for bits of blue china, wondering aloud if this piece belongs with the Willow Pattern, or a different plate.

2. The faint tick that weather-boarded houses make when the sun is hot and the air is quiet.

3. A sofa, an open door, a glass of wine, some trashy women's magazines and graphic novels and a free evening.


  1. hello clare....i have been reading this blog for some tome now and have only begun to post some comments....just have to tell you that i think this blog is has made me realize the beauty in all the mundane things and events that surround us everyday.....thanks for being one of those beautiful things. canada

  2. This is a fabulous blog!!
    So cool to find you on lauren's blog.
    I plan to check back often.


  3. I visit every day!
    signed"doting aunt"

  4. 4. Having an aunt that creates beautiful cakes. That looks like it really took some time to make, and some blog reading and remembering.

  5. This cake is fantabulous wha ta talent and so many memories in a small span of time !!

  6. that may well be the COOLEST cake in the history of baked goods! clearly talent & imagination *are* hereditary traits! :)


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