Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DJ, showboating and we don't care if school falls down.

Here is a link to Susan Hill's blog where further news on the loo book competition can be found. I really am very excited.

1. This week, on Radio 2 Sarah Kennedy has been taking messages from people who say that her show is the only thing that gets them through the daily grind of a job they can't love. It is touching to hear delivery drivers say 'Thanks for your company'. She is a presenter that one either loves or hates, and I think that a lot more is written on the BBC message boards by those who don't like her than by those who appreciate her 'warm syrup poured into your ears' style.

2. We are kicking round the office teasing each other and recounting past adventures (the whale game, how I became a stylist for an office safe porn website). It is hard to concentrate because the window cleaner is doing the insides of our windows and his squeegee makes disgusting noises. When he has finished, he says 'Thanks for the entertainment. I've never heard anything like it before.' We have a temp -- perhapswe tend towards verbal acrobatics if there's an audience (particularly of the young, impressionable kind).

3. It was the last day of term for script-writing, which is sad, but it'll be good to have my Monday's back again.