Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All in a cup, two's company and a phone call.

1. The cup of tea that Katie brings me each morning in bed; and the cup of French press coffee brought to my desk each morning. I enjoy these drinks in themselves, for the taste and the warmth of the mug; but more important is the thought that someone has taken the trouble to make it for me.

2. On most mornings I pass tiny blonde twins hurrying to school with their mother. The girl is often lagging behind to pick something up from a hedge or to look at something important. She looks as if she might be a natural 3BTer, and we exchange understanding smiles.

3. Rosey rings -- she's waiting for a bus and I'm waiting for the printer to finish with my script. We chat about dreams and siblings and how people she hasn't seen for ages know what she's doing because it's mentioned in 3BT.


  1. Friends that make you drinks - you are a nice person.

  2. Its wonderful of you to remind people of the joy to be found in simplicity. Often, people will exert a lot of time, effort and money searching for uplifting pursuits. You offer clues to help anyone and everyone discover a far more meaningful life. Thanks for being you!

  3. My tea and coffee always taste better somehow when my hubby makes them for me. I think it's that they are seasoned with love.

    Hey, I just found out we're moving to the UK in January! Small world, eh?!

    Cheers, Reese


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