Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jumping through hoops, all done and sound of pleasure.

1. Clicking my sewing into an embroidery hoop.
2. I have moved all my stuff out of my room so the decorator can work. I am not looking forward to moving it all back in again. When I get home from work, I find that Katie has done it already.

3. The pop when I bite into a chocolate.


  1. Chocolate melting on your tongue, leaving a nice warm feeling behind.

    What are you embroidering, anything really flowery?

  2. Where does one get a Katie? I need one of those!

    It's good that you realize how lucky you are.

  3. Ah, that embroidery hoop click. I like that, too. Pity I've never taken the time to actually learn embroidery...

    Yes, what are you planning to make?

  4. Paying someone to do the decorating must be the best & most decadent!

  5. I like the one about the chocolate. Never thought of that before, but of course you're right. Might buy some today just to confirm, though, in the interests of science and that kind of thing.


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