Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two of us, deep purple and on the turn.

1. I wake up and discover that we are holding hands.

2. Fuchsias -- in particular, the magical purple inner petals. It is a deep indigo that glows in such a way that I imagine it reflecting colours outside that my eyes pick up, but my brain can't register.

3. The ridge of the hill that runs parallel to the lane is still green, but with smudges and highlights of orange and russett.


  1. I use to imagine ear rings made from the fuschia flowers. How well you describe them.

  2. One unopened fuschia flower on my little plant resembles an exotic chinese lantern.The newly opened one is a dainty lady dancing, scarlet skirts lifted high, revealing her bell-shaped purple petticoat,and spindly pink legs. You inspire me to write, Clare. Many thanks for sharing your gems.

  3. Wow, you write beautifully! This inspires me to start my own 3 Beautiful Things blog too!

  4. holding hands gasp - how romantic

  5. Vera -- go for it! The idea behind it was meant to encourage me to write as well.

    Plutarch and Alison -- thank you. I always think of them as little dancers, too; and I'm sure my mother has a pair of fuchsia-inspired earrings somewhere.


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